Our Journey

The Coffee Emporium originates back to 1991, where it stood as a single café located in Bankstown, Sydney, Australia. Soon captivating the sophisticated mind of coffee aficionado and The Coffee Emporium founder, John Ayoub, who acquired the coffee house in 2002.

The vision of The Coffee Emporium vastly expanded when cousin Sam Ayoub exclusively signed on to form a powerful partnership in 2005, helping turn The Coffee Emporium into the powerhouse and iconic coffee brand it is today.

In 2006 The Coffee Emporium started franchising with the opening of the Blacktown coffee house. In 2012 founders, John and Sam, celebrated the opening of the 20th store and a legacy was born.

With 42 successful coffee houses over Australia and now exploring international markets. This Australian success story is looking to continue to build and enhance its famous brand using the help of only the best franchise partners the world has to offer.

our story
our story


The Coffee Emporium

John and Sam know coffee! For over 25 years this duo has built a brand that is trusted and a leader in the coffee industry. Their dedication to perfecting their signature blend is the driving force behind the brand’s success. They believe consistency is everything, from the quality of the beans to the ongoing training and support of their franchise partners, their passion and vision has seen the Coffee Emporium grow to over 40 stores nationally.

signature blend

Our Signature Blend

We pride ourselves on our award winning signature blend. We have carefully hand selected eight coffee beans from the South American, Central American and African regions to produce a premium blend that is well balanced, full bodied, rich and smooth, with a delicate hint of nuttiness.

Our signature difference is pre-blending the beans before roasting, offering you a perfect cup of coffee with a delicious smooth aftertaste every time. Perfect for both espresso and milk drinkers, our signature blend is the drive behind our success, and we are proud to offer you a premium and quality coffee, each and every time.

Still can’t get enough? Why not ask your local barista about our 1kg takeaway bags. Available to purchase and enjoy at home, anytime!

The Coffee Emporium
Awards & Accolades

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