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The Coffee Emporium is a premium, multi-award winning European-style coffee brand heading towards celebrating its 25th anniversary. From its humble Bankstown origins back in 1991 to the present day, The Coffee Emporium has been experiencing incredible growth with new stores opening in Australia and overseas.

At The Coffee Emporium franchise partners are much more than business associates. They are valued members part of our big family dedicated to providing guests with the best coffee, great food and outstanding personalised service.

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We have some great opportunities in the following locations:

  • Willows – QLD
  • Townsville – QLD
Existing Opportunities
  • Toowoomba – QLD


The Coffee Emporium (TCE) is a premium, multi-award winning European-style coffee brand heading towards celebrating its 25th anniversary. The strength of our brand lies on its ability to engage and reward guests with our superior coffee, world-class menu and a remarkable coffee house experience.


The Coffee Emporium is all about adding flavour to the moment.
Enjoying every moment sip-by-sip, bite-by-bite. What can be more premium than this?

  • Premium
  • Global
  • Indulgence
  • Gourmet
  • Excellence
  • Loyalty
  • Emotional Connection
  • Urban
  • European
  • Flavoursome / Aromatic


Starting a new business involves a great deal of planning and commitment. In order to succeed, new business owners need ongoing support in areas like finance, sales, marketing, operations and people management.

As a franchise partner of The Coffee Emporium you will receive our full support from day one. You will be welcomed by our directors and properly inducted and trained by our team of experts. You will attend a 4-week training program in our state-of-the-art Support Office in Parramatta.

During this time you will be properly equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to successfully operate your Coffee Emporium coffee house.


I am interested in a Coffee Emporium franchise opportunity.
What is the next step?

If you are interested in understanding more about our exciting franchise opportunities simply fill out the form here with your details and one of our friendly staff will be in touch with you.

How soon after approval can I expect to open my store?

Location and where the site is in the site acquisition process are the two main factors that will determine the time it will take to open the store. Once you have nominated your preferred location our team will be able to give you a better idea of the time frame to complete lease negotiation, design, layout and construction. This process can generally take between 3 to 12 months.

What is the length of my franchise agreement?

The initial term of the franchise agreement will match the term of your lease.

Can I sell the business in the future?

Absolutely, the franchise agreement outlines the requirements for selling your business. The prospective buyer will need to go through our selection and recruitment process to ensure that customers continue to receive a high quality experience throughout the transition process.

Do you have opportunities for multi-site development?

Yes, however you must be an existing franchisee and must be approved by us as a multi-site operator. Our support team work closely with our franchisees that wish to qualify, and we have several very successful multi-site operators in our network.

How do I obtain financing?

Most franchisees require a loan to purchase their franchised business. Some banks view franchise lending differently to lending for an independent business, and they may take into account the strengths and capabilities of the franchisor, particular for a well established brand. This means that obtaining finance is often easier when you are investing in a franchised business. Our support team can help you understand the process and the right contacts to approach if you need assistance.

What will be my Return on Investment?

Calculating the return on investment before a business commences is difficult as there a number of variables, and levels of return cannot be guaranteed. The Coffee Emporium is committed to its franchisees and will provide support and assistance to establish and grow their business. Any successful business also requires the same level of commitment and contribution of the owner. We recommend that anyone looking to invest in a franchised business take into consideration both financial and non-financial matters. Along with the financial rewards that owning your own business offers, it can also offer independence and flexibility.

What is the investment required to open a franchise with The Coffee Emporium?

The initial investment for a Greenfield site depends on a range of factors, including the model of outlet, site location and specifications, and lease terms. The initial investment can range from $250,000 plus GST to $550,000 plus GST.

Should I seek independent advice before entering The Coffee Emporium’s franchise system?

Under the Franchising Code of Conduct all franchisers must advise a prospective franchisee that they should obtain independent legal, business, and accounting advice. The Coffee Emporium believes that it is essential that prospective franchisees fully understand the conditions of their investment in a Coffee Emporium franchise, and we insist that these advices are obtained before we will enter into a franchise agreement.

Is investing in a franchise risk-free?

Being part of a franchise provides an opportunity to be part of a successful business structure and system that has many benefits. From the outset you are provided access to established systems and processes, management experience, training, marketing, supplier relationships as well as many other benefits that come with an established franchise system. A franchised business allows a new business owner to reduce the risk when compared to investing in other types of independent businesses. However, it is important to understand than no business venture is without risk and all new prospective franchisees should educate themselves prior to committing to an investment. We recommend that anyone interested in investing in a franchised business register for the free “Buying a Franchise – Pre-Entry Franchise Education Program” run online through Griffith University and sponsored by the Australian and Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). This free online program can be found at

Is there a standardised procedure that I am required to follow?

The franchising business model offers those with little or no experience in the retail hospitality business, access to established practices and procedures that provide the framework for running and growing a successful business. In addition to our thorough training program you will be provided with comprehensive training and operations manuals which clearly set out all relevant procedures. Our business partner support team will be their to help you from day 1 to ensure that you get the best return on your investment.

Do I need prior experience in the retail coffee business?

No. The Coffee Emporium provides a comprehensive training program that will give you the tools to manage your business even if you have no prior experience in the retail coffee business

Does The Coffee Emporium have a rigorous recruitment and selection process?

Yes. Our comprehensive recruitment and selection process reflects our belief that franchisee recruitment and selection is a key driver to our growth and success.




The Coffee Emporium – Westfield Liverpool
Joe and Jenny have been part of The Coffee Emporium family for 8 years. Their passion, commitment and positive attitude are present in every single interaction they have with their guests. They are highly respected by their local community and have become true ambassadors for The Coffee Emporium brand.


The Coffee Emporium – Macarthur Square
Jean has been an important member of The Coffee Emporium family for the last 3 years. His enthusiasm, friendly personality and passion for great coffee and food have brought the delicacies of The Coffee Emporium to Macarthur residents.

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International Franchise Partners

The Coffee Emporium has partnered with Master Franchising agents in international markets to accelerate the growth of the brand. We are continuously seeking international business partners that have experience in franchising other brands or retail concepts within their local markets to join our global team. If you are seeking to open up a premium coffee franchise, then we would love to speak with you. We have various commercial models depending on the engagement type to ensure that we provide the best opportunity for our partners to succeed and prosper.

In order to qualify for an International Master Franchise we are looking for partners that have:

  • Local Industry and market knowledge
  • Access to property and potential sites
  • Access to capital
  • Are passionate about growing an international franchise business

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